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Welcome to the Home Page.
Well somehow you have reached my website, and i congratulate you.
Change of mind...
Well i have decided not to make this site about me, but instead dedicate it to the Final Fantasy series of games.

These games have been a huge part of my life, from the start of it... fifteen years ago... right up to today.

I'd like to thank the academy.
But i'd also like to thank all the great Final Fantasy websites out there that have been a constant source of inspiration.

I would especially like to thank Eyes On Final Fantasy for being the best FF site i have ever come accross. Kudos to all the dudes in the EoFF forums as well, you're all great guys and gals.
Check out the FF links and get your ass over to EoFF now.

Send me an email.

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Final Fantasy

Long awaited arrival...
Final Fantasy X is being released on May 17th here in Western Australia...

"I do what i want! You have problem!?"


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